You don't always need to be in a classroom to challenge yourself and practice STEM. Experimenting at home is a great way to hone those skills and get everyone involved. And we want to help get you started!
Register below and we'll send you a free Avionics Circuit pack. In it you'll find everything you need to build a range of electric circuits. These circuits are the basics of what our Aviation technicians use every day our Aircraft.

NOTE: Packs are aimed a 7-15years. 1 pack per family. Limited number of packs so get in quick.

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Want to learn more about Aviation STEM? Ever wondered how an aircraft flies? Join our home learning programme where we take you through the principles of flight. Watch fast paced videos where our Air Force personnel explain how it all works. Test out these principles through fun activities you can do at home with common household items. See behind the scenes of what it takes to get our aircraft in the sky. And best of all, join like minded people in an online classroom where we answer all your questions and help you through it all, at your own pace.

NOTE: Target age range is 8-15 years. However, any age is welcome!

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School to Skies is a Royal New Zealand Airforce initiative, originally developed in 2017 to address the low numbers of women in the male dominated military work force. Since then, it has grown into a broader diversity and inclusion programme. We deliver aviation Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) content across New Zealand - in schools, community programmes and targeted camps for women, under-represented ethnic groups and teachers. Our point of difference is our use of hands-on experiential learning and mentoring from serving personnel and influential industry leaders.