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On the Road

Please note:
Due to the current alert level and the team being based in Auckland, we are unable to currently conduct our On the Road programme. However we do have online modules you can bring into the classroom. Check out our Home page or send us and email at ontheroad@nzdf.mil.nz for more information. We'd love to hear from you!

Targeting young minds to generate curiosity and ongoing passion for STEM.

The RNZAF is committed to investing in young New Zealanders and building their confidence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) across of all ages.

Our team is mobile and have a range of resources and personnel that can educate and entertain schools or community groups for up to a day, ranging anywhere from 60 to 120 children.

We provide fun and interactive aviation themed activities ranging from hands on aircraft maintenance, a wind tunnel, uniforms and STEM experiments as well as activities designed to teach leadership and team work. all of this is done with positive role models who can mentor and guide students.

*Currently restricted to the North Island. Education outside of the immediate Auckland region is based on being able to combine school or community group requests within one region over a week. Nationwide options are currently in development and our online programme for classrooms is now available.

Are you interested?

To find out more or to discuss a possible visit, please contact: SGT Julia Green

Email: Ontheroad@nzdf.mil.nz

On the Road Formation programme

Wanting to delve further into aviation in the classroom?

Aimed at years 7/8, this programme introduces science to children through Air Force aviation to foster curiosity and instill confidence in STEM. It will provide context to careers and hopefully influence subject choices once they move to secondary school.

It is broken down into online modules that cover the following topics and complement our school visits (in applicable regions only):

- What is lift?
- What are the four forces acting on an aircraft?
- What are the control surfaces on an aircraft and how to do they relate to axes of control?

These modules link in well with these parts of the level 3 and 4 New Zealand curriculum.


School to Skies is a Royal New Zealand Airforce initiative, originally developed in 2017 to address the low numbers of women in the male dominated military work force. Since then, it has grown into a broader diversity and inclusion programme. We deliver aviation Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) content across New Zealand - in schools, community programmes and targeted camps for women, under-represented ethnic groups and teachers. Our point of difference is our use of hands-on experiential learning and mentoring from serving personnel and influential industry leaders.

Contact us

Sergeant Julia Green

Phone: 021 958679

Email: schooltoskies@nzdf.mil.nz