Are you a Year 13 female who has an interest in mathematics and science? New Zealand needs more women in the aviation industry as engineers, technicians, pilots and more! You have more choices than you probably realise.

Do you want to see if an aviation career in the military could be perfect for you?

We give 30-40 students from around New Zealand a chance to spread their wings and spend 6 days with us to find out.

Aviation offers something for everyone, whether you want to spend your days in the skies or keep your feet firmly planted on the ground! Our School to Skies programme is a technical and aviation camp that will give you the chance to find out so much more about our amazing workplace. The programme is a perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about STEM, but are unsure about their future pathway.

Applications are open to females in Year 13 from anywhere in New Zealand. We want those who are passionate about STEM and who are currently studying NCEA Level 3 (or equivalent) mathematics and science subjects, complimented by at least NCEA Level 2 English.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be:

- A female in Year 13

- Currently studying a Level 3 NCEA (or equivalent) mathematics AND science subjects, and

- Healthy with a moderate level of fitness.

Important note: We have no connection with Defence Careers/Recruiting and any application outcome will not influence an application into any Defence Career. The aim of the camp is to assist in transitioning Year 13 Women into a STEM Career pathway.


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Influencing our Influencers

Are you an NZ educator teaching science, technology or mathematics, or just really passionate about STEM in schools? Do you want fresh ideas to bring practical STEM learning back into the classroom?

Alternatively, are you a careers advisor helping students decide on their future pathways? Do you want to gain a better understanding of what opportunities there are within the Air Force and the broader STEM industry?

‘It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom’ – Michael Morpurgo

You are the role models, the ones who inspire and encourage. What better way than to teach from experience.


We offer 40 educators from across the country a fully immersive aviation STEM camp living-in on our Air Force and Naval base for a week.

- Gain hand-on experience in the aviation STEM industry to bring to life education ideas and career opportunities.

-Meet other like-minded educators.

-Mix and mingle at a dedicated networking event with industry leaders.

- Challenge yourself to gain insights and develop innovative ideas for your students.

Applications are open to NZ educators who work with students from Year 5 – 13.

Applicants must be:

- Passionate for STEM subjects, education or careers;

- Either:

- A New Zealand educator working with students from year 5 - 13;

- Working in a guidance, facilitation or support role with young adults in New Zealand;

- In their final year of study towards a teaching qualification, intending to work with students from year 5-13;

- Healthy with a moderate level of fitness.

Applications for the 2024 Teachers camp have closed.

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● "'I'm grateful for the opportunity to have had my thinking expanded and I think this year I have been much more tolerant and open to student voice. I have had a level of flexibility present that has allowed more to happen to our learning...I tried brand new topics and tasks in my class this year and didn't get hung up on our failures, as we decided that all learning is good learning. I don't think you could measure the changes, nor would it be fair to. I just know that things were different, sometimes better and some of this is down to my brief time in the Air Force and the week exploring educational aspirations...The wonderful diverse group of people that came to the week and the mix of shared aspirations and differences of opinions. That also made the week very special." Alister Gray (2021 Alumni)

● "I have been much better placed to give really good advice for students who are heading out of school and the different career paths they could take. Aside from my own personal enjoyment of the whole experience (which was immense!) the most useful part was seeing how many options there are of the things to do after school, especially within STEM." Becky O'Gram (2021 Alumni)


School to Skies is a Royal New Zealand Airforce initiative, originally developed in 2017 to address the low numbers of women in the male dominated military work force. Since then, it has grown into a broader diversity and inclusion programme. We deliver aviation Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) content across New Zealand - in schools, community programmes and targeted camps for women, under-represented ethnic groups and teachers. Our point of difference is our use of hands-on experiential learning and mentoring from serving personnel and influential industry leaders.